In August 2018 my sister received some cliff-edge health news. I asked her if I could write about what happens. She agreed and I shared each section of the poem as written. Naomi's Poem holds the first twelve parts of this therapeutic creative correspondence.


Designed by Katherina Tudball – designer of the recent Globe Theatre and BBC2 rebrands – Naomi's Poem is printed on 60gsm Offenbach bible paper, with 270gsm Colorset Natural covers. Each section of the poem is contained in French Folds which must be torn before reading. The spine is sewn with 17 stab stitched holes in black thread. Text is set in 8pt Doves Type, a typeface which was lost beneath the Thames for 100 years. 


Naomi's Poem is in a limited edition of 200, each hand numbered.


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Naomi's Poem